Welcome to my blog. I am documenting my adventures as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia. Hope you enjoy my blog and photos!

First Month of Teaching

First Month of Teaching

My first full week of teaching classes was amazing. I facilitated two activities with each class the first one, was an introduction activity. Each student introduced themselves and told me one word that described themselves. The second activity was a continuation of the first, each student had to write three facts about themselves using complete sentences. Of course, I had to make modifications for some classes, but overall it went well. Some classes understood, for others, I had to write the sentences out on the board. In some classes, students came up with categories of information that they wanted to share. Example: age, siblings, favorite color, etc.  I also modeled both activities for students, which allowed them to learn more about me.

Opening Activity

Accepting others

My second week of school, I did a lesson on black history. I started with a warm up activity, the students told me their favorite color, birth month, height, and hobby/sport. I did not explain to them what I was doing of course. I began the lesson talking about how Africans got to America, slavery, freedom, reconstruction, civil rights, and the present day. I made sure to stress the period between the 1900s and present. I introduced the poem, I, Too, By Langston Hughes. Once I received the student's responses from, I explained the poem to them. At the end, I referred to the opening activity. I asked students who had a birth month in …. To raise their hand and told them I refused to teach them and asked if that was equality. I continue that example for all listed categories from the opening activity. The students looked so shocked. In the end, all the students agreed that it wasn’t fair to hate someone based on differences and things people can’t change.



Black History Lesson


On Tuesday’s after school, I host, Impact, speaking workshop. Impact (pen pal) program, allows students to engage with students from America via letter writing, video chats, and email. This will also give them the opportunity to learn more about the American culture from the eyes of friends their age. I have partnered with two schools and 3 classes in the United States. The Odyssey School is an independent school in Baltimore County, which specializes in education for students with dyslexia. I have also partnered with one class from Mae Eanes Middle School, A Title I school in Mobile, AL.

Impact Program

Week 1

The first speaking workshop was held on February 7, 2017. I began the workshop with a, getting to know you, activity. After that, I passed out letters from my former students in Baltimore. The students were so excited to receive handwritten letters from American students. Before I could even give instructions, the students were already writing their responses to their new friends. Although we ran out of time, the students expressed how excited they were to come back next week to begin editing and working on the second draft of the letters. Hopefully we will have the letters completed soon.



week 2

English Assembly

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, I was asked to speak at the morning assembly. I decided that I would do a black history month segment that included a PowerPoint. I also read two poems, I, Too, By Langston Hughes and Caged Bird, By Maya Angelou. To help the students understand the message, I included visuals such as, pictures of Africa, The United States, notable African American leaders, civil rights leaders, and inventors. I made sure to include inventors that created items that are frequently used in Malaysia such as: the microphone, the stop light, potato chips, the ironing board, the modern-day refrigerator and so on..




Poetry Competition Contestants

Poetry Competition Contestants




On February 21-22, the students had a two-day after school program, our speaking workshop was canceled. However, I was asked to sing, Friends Forever, by Vitamin C with Form 2 student, Hashilah. I also served as a judge for the English poetry reading competition for Form 4-5 students. On Wednesday February 22, 2017, I hosted the scavenger hunt activity. Students we given clues in English and had to complete an activity before they could move to the next activity. Some clues required students to fill in the blank and others required them answer questions about the activity.



February 14th, awww the day of love. Too bad none of us ETA's could spend it with our significant others 🙄. The Marang and Kuala Terengganu (KT) girls decided we would spend time together with each other over dinner. 



Much Love

- Ashleigh

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Marang, Terengganu my new home

Marang, Terengganu my new home