Welcome to my blog. I am documenting my adventures as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia. Hope you enjoy my blog and photos!

Arrival to Destination

Day 1 in Malaysia was pretty hectic. I, along with 5 other ETAs, arrived in Hong Kong at about 8:30. Because our flight left LAX an hour late, we arrive in HK super late. We had to rush to our flight to KL. Luckily here in Asia, they wait for passengers. An airline stewardess escorted us to our gate.


If felt good to board a please with at least 50 other Fulbrighters. I sat in my seat to be greeted by a cohort member. We chatted and peered out of the window at the beautiful Asian terrain.


Once we arrived to the KL airport, we were quickly greeted by members of the Malaysian American Commission on Education Exchange (MACEE). They gave us instructions for going through immigration. There were a ton of people waiting to get checked through not even including about 60 something Fulbright ETAs.


Once we cleared immigration, we headed to baggage claim. Thirty minutes into waiting at baggage claim, I realized that my bags had not made it on to the plane with me from Hong Kong. Even with this in mind I continued to wait full of hope. After about 45 minutes we filed a claim with the airport and reported our luggage as missing. 


Before catching the bus into Kuala Lumpur (KL), I had to potty. I walked into the bathroom only to Find a toilet seat in the ground. I was so taken aback that I walked out of the restroom to try to ask someone how to use the thing. Lol. Well I had to potty so badly that I just prayed and squatted. Talk about squats, squatty potty.😂😂😂



Once on the bus, I was able to take in the sights of KL. Beautiful greenery, fast paced city. Full of malls, people ignoring traffic lights. Plenty of people walking and quickly running across the streets. The hot sun beaming Through the windows on the bus.


Once at the hotel, I quickly changed and me some of the cohort members downstairs, we were off to get our SIM card and new phone. Numbers. After securing cell phone service, we made our last stop for food.


The smell of spices and food filled the air. Restaurants are on every street. You can't take two steps with seeing a restaurant. I ordered chicken wing fried rice. The food was very spicy. I ate most of the plate of food and had a bottle of water to wash it down. Off to the hotel we went for a good nights rest.

Week one & Scavenger Hunt

Week one & Scavenger Hunt

Flying To The Unknown

Flying To The Unknown