Malaysia Mengenai

Bahasa Malayu is the official language of Malaysia. Similar to the United States, each state/ region has their own unique dialect. English is widely spoken throughout Malaysia, for most, English is their second language.

Cikgu, is Bahasa Malayu for teacher. Since I will be teaching Ingeris (English) for 9 months, I thought it would be befitting for my blog name to include the word teacher. I am so excited to share my journey and share the Malaysian culture with you guys, I hope that I am to teach you as I learn.

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. It has two geographical regions, West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) and East Malaysia (Malaysia Borneo), that are divided by the South China Sea. West Malaysia borders Thailand and Singapore and East Malaysia Borders Indonesia and Brunei. 

A multicultural country, Malaysia's population is ethnically Malay and has large minority groups of Chinese, Indians, and Indigenous people. The constitution of Malaysia declares Islam as the national religion with freedom of religious practice for non-muslims.

Photo by daboost/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by daboost/iStock / Getty Images